SDK for FeliCa & Adobe® AIR®/Adobe® Flash® available in English

July 29th, 2011

An English alpha-version of the SDK for FeliCa & Adobe® AIR®/Adobe® Flash® is now available . The software currently only covers NFC-F technology, but will be extended to NFC-A and NFC-B technology in near future. 

To use the SDK, you’ll need a Sony NFC reader ( e.g. a Pasori RC-S330 or RC-S360) with the FeliCaPort software installed.

Download the SDK by clicking on the button below.

This alpha version was tested with on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X with the following environments

– Flex Builder 3 (EN)
– Flash Builder 4 (EN) (compiler version 3.6)
– Flash Builder 4.5 (EN) (compiler version 3.6)

Please note that only compiler verison 3.6 is supported at this point.

Our friends at the FeliCa Deveopers’ Blog have some example applications on their site:



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