NFC Dynamic Tag and other FeliCa products available at SwitchScience

September 28th, 2012

SwitchScience Japan offers a variety of FeliCa products not only to it’s domestic Japanese customers, but also to international customers via an “international order” page. The products offered for purchase include the NFC Dynamic Tag modules and a nice ‘pitch conversion board’ to connect to the NFC Dynamic Tag module via solder pads.




Right now SwitchScience offer:

  • NFC Dynamic Tag modules RC-S801 and RC-S802
  • Pitch Converter to connect the Dynamic Tag module with solder pads
  • USB NFC Reader “FeliCa Port RC_S360SH”
  • NDEF-formatted “NFC Type 3 Tag” FeliCa Lite tags RC-S701 (these can be used with any NFC device)
Visit their international order page at:
Thanks to the  SwitchScience team for offering this service to international customers!
UPDATE: SwitchScience has updated their international order page. Visit to order from outside Japan. A guide to the order system is also available.