Thanks to you all for your interest in the NFC Dynamic Tag! To illustrate a bit more how the NFC Dynamic tag can be used with Arduino, we have posted some samples below.

  • SampleSketch_ChangingSmartposter_ButtonPress“:
    This sketch cycles through a number of NFC Smartposters and changes the data when a button attached to the Arduino is pressed. The sample emulates 3 different tags with up to 80 bytes of data each.
  • SampleSketch_WriteMeAndFlash” and “SampleSketch_WriteMeAndFlash_callback
    These sketches detect when an NFC device writes to the NFC Dynamic tag and start flashing an LED once a write is detected. “WriteMeAndFlash”  does the write detection in the main loop, “WriteMeAndFlash_callback” uses a callback function.
  • SampleSketch_LCD_RW_Counter“:
    This is an Arduino sketch that simply shows the read/write counts received via the NFC Dynamic Tag on an LCD display and updates the count when an NFC device reads from or writes to the Dynamic Tag. The write callback in this sample is only used to increase the write count that is displayed. The actual data that is received is not processed.

SDK for NFC Starter Kit updated

October 11th, 2012

An updated SDK for NFC Starter kit is now available at the Sony website.

The new version includes the following updates:

  • any card access is now also available via the PC/SC interface
    • NFC Forum Type 1,2,3,4 Tags supported
    • some sample code for PC/SC is included
    • sample code using DEP protocol is included
  • compatible with Windows 8
    • Windows 8 Proximity API supported
  • supports AIR/Flash when using the Sony RC-S380 USB reader
    • NFC Forum Type 2,3,4 Tags supported


SwitchScience Japan offers a variety of FeliCa products not only to it’s domestic Japanese customers, but also to international customers via an “international order” page. The products offered for purchase include the NFC Dynamic Tag modules and a nice ‘pitch conversion board’ to connect to the NFC Dynamic Tag module via solder pads.



Right now SwitchScience offer:

  • NFC Dynamic Tag modules RC-S801 and RC-S802
  • Pitch Converter to connect the Dynamic Tag module with solder pads
  • USB NFC Reader “FeliCa Port RC_S360SH”
  • NDEF-formatted “NFC Type 3 Tag” FeliCa Lite tags RC-S701 (these can be used with any NFC device)
Visit their international order page at:
Thanks to the  SwitchScience team for offering this service to international customers!
UPDATE: SwitchScience has updated their international order page. Visit to order from outside Japan. A guide to the order system is also available.

NFC Port Software updated

July 20th, 2012

The NFC driver software package “NFC Port Software” (formerly known as “FeliCa Port Software”) has been updated.


  • Support of  NFC USB reader/writer model “RC-S380” added.
  • Name changed from “FeliCa Port Software” to “NFC Port Software”


  • NFC Port Software requires an PaSoRi, NFC USB reader/writer (e.g. RC-S380).


Please click on the  button below to download  the NFC Port Software.

Our Arduino library for NFC Dynamic Tag / FeliCaPlug has been updated and is now compatible with Arduino 1.0.

The updated library can be downloaded here: NFCDynamicTagArduinoLibrary_v1.1

The NFC Forum is hosting a Solutions Showcase in Frankfurt that is open to professionals and industry representatives interested in learning more about NFC. Sony will be demonstrating NFC Healthcare use cases there. More details about the event below.


The market for Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions is growing rapidly, with analyst firm Gartner forecasting that half of all smartphones will be NFC-enabled by 2015. Join members of the NFC Forum – the global consortium dedicated to developing standards for and advancing the technology – on 8 February in Frankfurt to discover what all the excitement’s about at the NFC Solutions Showcase and Cocktail Reception. You’ll see demonstrations of a wide range of use cases from NFC Forum members in a relaxed and informal setting, complete with refreshments. Sign up today!

Who: Press and NFC Forum guests
What: NFC Forum Solutions Showcase and Cocktail Reception
Where: Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center
Lemons & Limes Bar
Hugo-Eckener-Ring 15
Rhein Main Airport
Frankfurt 60549 Germany
When: 8 February 2012, 18:00 – 20:00 CET



The SDK for NFC Starter kit is now available at the Sony website.

The new version includes the following updates since the  Beta2 release previously posted on this site:

  • Updated documentation
  • Added AIR/Flash library
  • Changes in the R/W exclusion control (Proxy Lock -> R/W Lock)
  • Updated ASDoc
  • Update of the self-diagnostic function of the FeliCa port software


Sony’s NFC Dynamic Tags (modules RC-S801, RC-S802 and the chip RC-S926)  are now available at DotOrigin’s online shops and

Please visit and to find out more.

The technical documents and product sheets are available at Sony.

The SDK for NFC Starter kit is now available at the Sony website.

Sony just released the SDK for NFC Starter Kit (Beta ver.) for Windows. The SDK is available free of charge.

SDK4NFC Starter Kit

  •  What’s “SDK for NFC Starter Kit (Beta ver.)”?
    • This  SDK is suitable to those who want to evaluate how Sony NFC/FeliCa products.
    • Supported products are NFC/FeliCa USB Reader (RC-S360, RC-S330 or PC-embedded type) and FeliCa Card including FeliCa Lite series.
    • This SDK is downloadable from this blog  after you agree to the  license agreement by pressing the button below.
    • Please note that this SDK cannot be used for developping applications for commercial purpose. For those who want to develop applications for commercial use, please purchase commercial version of “SDK for NFC”.
  • This SDK provides the following;
    • Programming tool to access FeliCa, ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and Type B cards via NFC Access Library.
    • Programming tool to access ISO/IEC 14443 TypeB card via PC/SC.
  • Product details:
    • Folder Structure
      • Document:  Includes User’s Manual.
      • Driver:   Includes the basic software with Sony NFC Reader/Writer (FeliCa Port) driver
      • NFC Access Library:  Includes NFC Access Library, and Header File
      • PCSC_Activator:   Includes the software to activate PC/SC
      • Sample Program
        • Sample program to access MIFARE Ultralight card
        • Sample program to access NFC Forum Tag Type2 / Type3 / Type4a / Type4b (to be released at later date)
    • System Requirement
      • OS
        • Windows 7 (x86, x64)
        • Windows Vista (x86, x64)
        • Windows XP (x86)
      •  Development Environment
        •  Visual Studio 2005 SP1, 2008 SP1, 2010
    • Installation
      • Installation Driver:  Run FeliCaPortWithDriver.exe
      • Activation of PC/SC:  Run PCSC_Activator_for_TypeB.exe
    •  Notice
      •  There may be content or feature differences between this beta version and future commercial versions.
      •  No support is included in this product.

Download the SDK by clicking on the button below.

More information about NFC and the different tag types can be found at


An English alpha-version of the SDK for FeliCa & Adobe® AIR®/Adobe® Flash® is now available . The software currently only covers NFC-F technology, but will be extended to NFC-A and NFC-B technology in near future. 

To use the SDK, you’ll need a Sony NFC reader ( e.g. a Pasori RC-S330 or RC-S360) with the FeliCaPort software installed.

Download the SDK by clicking on the button below.

This alpha version was tested with on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X with the following environments

– Flex Builder 3 (EN)
– Flash Builder 4 (EN) (compiler version 3.6)
– Flash Builder 4.5 (EN) (compiler version 3.6)

Please note that only compiler verison 3.6 is supported at this point.

Our friends at the FeliCa Deveopers’ Blog have some example applications on their site: